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Molinaro to Return to State College and NLWC

Compound Clothing would like to congratulate NCAA Champ Frank Molinaro on his recent success on the international wrestling scene as well as his BIG move back to State College PA to join the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club. While serving as an assistant coach at Rutgers University under Scott Goodale, Frank got the itch to step back on the mat on the senior level and immediately start turning heads as he did in college winning the Tour AWC and the 2014 Dave Shultz Memorial tournament. Frank has also been attending national team camps at the OTC and training abroad and competing in places like Cuba this past year.

“I was given a great opportunity at Rutgers and I really enjoyed my time coaching the kids. Everybody has been super supportive from the kids all the way to the donors. They helped me get back on my feet, and I also gained a lot of freestyle experience this year. I learned a lot as a wrestler and a person during the whole experience and I’m at a point now where I have a short window to achieve my wrestling goals. I would regret not chasing them full throttle and I don’t believe you can be great at both. It’s not fair to the kids or myself to split my focus. I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead and I wish nothing but the best for the kids at Rutgers.” stated Frank.

molinaroBeing back in State College with some of the best wrestlers in the US and the world we know will catapult the “GorillaHulk” further up the ladder to being an Olympic Champ.

Aside from his busy college coaching career and his international wrestling demands, Frank also launched his GHULK signature apparel line in 2013 which has taken off throughout the wrestling scene. “It’s been great to partner with an athlete that not only is an elite athlete, but has a great sense of style and fashion. We were able to design an apparel line that just captured who Frank is and what he stands for on and off the mat.” said Cliff Fretwell Co-Owner CMP Clothing

Molinaro’s signature line is available at

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