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Custom BRANDED Socks

Custom elite athletic socks

Custom Branded Sublimated & ELITE Style Woven Socks

ANY Sport! ANY Fit! ANY Size! Compound Clothing is upping the ante with CUSTOM BRANDED athletic socks. Whether your looking for that ELITE style or a full sublimated custom look our design department can hook it up! We can design for all sizes, lengths and sports! Why buy an OFF-THE-RACK sock everyone else has when you can order a CUSTOM and STYLISH pair from CMP Teamwear to show you team pride literally from head to toe.

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Common Questions and Answers:

Question: What is the difference between woven socks and sublimated socks?
Answer: Woven socks are limited to our thread pattern when weaving the socks at the factory. Typically lower resolution logos and text are ideal for woven socks. Woven socks are not limited to one pattern either. We can design a wide array of woven patterns or designs for your order. Sublimated socks have no limitations! We can design any style, color combination and detail.

Question: Can I mix and match different sizes for my order or does every pair have to be the exact same size?
Answer: You can mix and match sizes as long as it is a minimum of 36 pairs per design.

Question: How do I get custom socks designed?
Answer: You can email your logo and color information to along with your design specifications. Our designers will take your information and customize your sock. Our custom design service includes one round of basic design – so please be sure to provide us with direction on your project. Design services will not begin until we have a confirmed order.

Question: How long do these orders take to complete?
Answer: These orders take anywhere between 4-6 weeks after approved art. If you require your order in less time a 25% rush charge will be added to your total invoice and DOES NOT include rush shipping. Please contact our Team Sales department at to see how long your requested order will take.

Question: Can my art vary for each pair or leg EX: Player Number or Name?
Answer: Unfortunately we do NOT allow for different art per pair or per leg. The up charge for this customization cost would not be cost effective. However, we work very close with all our clients to design something that is a perfect fit for all their players!

Sublimated socks are the HOTTEST thing in the athletic fashion game! There are a ton of imitators & very few INNOVATORS in this area. Even big box retailers are putting out low resolution designs with poor design detail and multiple manufacturing flaws. Add the fact most sublimated socks are pressed on poor quality fabric and you have a poor quality sock from head to TOE!

CMP socks are manufactured with the athlete in mind so not only will you have a high quality feel during competition and training you’ll look like a GOzillion bucks doing it.

White “grin through” turning reds into pinks and black into muddy looking grays are not something we let pass through our production floor. Our fabric is woven for athletic wear and tear and to hold those rich signature colors and branding of your team.

Eliminating post production side stripes from are another innovative technique we’ve taken on to be able to produce full wrapping art. Many big box retailers still produce their sublimated socks and leave a white line down the side breaking up your art and leaving an unpolished finish.

Our ELITE STYLE woven socks are manufactured with the athlete in mind. Our fabric blend has the breathable quality without the thin silky feel when you sweat during competition and training. The padded soul has just enough thickness to cushion your foot for any sport but still give you the feel of your mat, feild or track.

We work with the highest resolution hoseries to insure we can get the tightest knit patterns and the most brilliant colors for your designs. Our sublimated sock fabric is produced with the our high-end design in mind. Tight pattern to reduce design distortion and grin through from the inside of the sock.

The ELITE stripe is a signature element that is THE HOTTEST look in the athletic sock scene right now. Our CUSTOM TEAM BRANDED socks not only incorporate the ELITE stripe but the ability to alternate colors on the stripe as well as the toe and footpad.

We try and push our knitting limits as far as possible with each job design we create so our clients not only have the “current” stylish look but also a CUSTOM BRANDED vibe and design to look good in while they are chasing their titles or training for the championship event. NOTE: Designs can come without the ELITE stripe upon request.